We provide turnkey lottery and numbers gaming platforms with a focus on exceptional customer service and building valuable business partnerships. At 4 Leaf Lotto we implement creative solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

We have experience in both the regulated and non-regulated international gaming markets providing products and services that enable our customers to quickly realize an above average return on their investment.

Our unique size and framework experiences less bureaucratic inertia. This enables our team to respond to changes in the market more quickly than most of our competitors. We are able to maneuver and adjust quickly where they lack agility and speed.  In a world that is continually speeding up, it’s critical to adapt quickly. 4 Leaf Lotto is extremely well positioned to introduce and develop new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Best in our niche! It’s hard to please everyone, and where super sized companies are trying to please the masses we can concentrate on our niche and provide them with exactly what they need.

4 Leaf Lotto is personal in ways most are not, allowing for a more meaningful connection with our customers beyond just products and services. We lead with purpose and intentionally attract both staff and customers drawn to an internal sense of purpose. Others spend massive amounts of money trying to create the same level of personal engagement.

You’re getting our best. We are ALL directly involved with our partner operators. Contact us today to experience the clear difference in your bottom line.


Turnkey Platform

Customer Wallet

Modular & Scalable

Mobile Apps

Secure Back Office

Kiosk Integration

Ticket Printing & Redemption


We provide our clients with a  to operate a full featured lottery business.

We provide a fully integrated online customer account creation and management system that functions with other gaming vendors including; sports book, casino games, and merchant accounts.

In addition to our complete system, we offer a number of other modules. These include: terminal and mobile paper POS, customer wallet, customer apps, kiosk and SMS ordering.

Reaching customers beyond the sales locations and straight to their mobile devices. Our platform brings the lottery directly to their pocket, purse, tablet and laptop.

Our intuitive admin interface includes game and account settings, sales and accounts reporting, an overview dashboard, one-time passwords, SSL certificates, and more!


User interface that provides:

• Independent purchasing requiring fewer staff.

• Ticket printing direct from kiosk

• Deposit to, withdraw from, and update accounts

Our terminal software provides a complete system of ticket sales delivery, retrieval and redemption. It facilitates a simple user flow with fast processing, ensuring a positive customer experience for both in-house (company operated) sales locations, third-party (commissioned) locations and mobile POS agents.


Our custom SMS system enables ordering, one-time passwords, and customer account verification. An excellent option for emerging markets where smart phones are not yet prevalent!

About Us

 . . . A diverse group of critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. We pride ourselves on our ability to come together as one unit and develop platforms on a large and complex scale. Our diverse group takes pride in producing impressive work for our clients and their customers.

4 Leaf Lotto LLC was founded by Ken Morris, in 2015. Ken has more than 20 years of broad experience in the technology industry. Including, 15 years of consulting, support and development experience for numerous successful gaming operators around the world.

The 4 Leaf Lotto team is the perfect mix of veteran developers, with more than 25 years of experience, working side-by-side gifted young coders.

Our team of software architects, developers, testers and project managers are the best in the industry. This carefully assembled team has great experience in server-side processing, optimal database architecture and front-end user interface design. Clients and employees alike take pride in turning creative ideas into fully functional systems.

We Are . . .

Contact Us

720 Brooker Creek Blvd #203

Oldsmar, FL USA 34677

Office Phone: (813) 343-2518

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